Values Workshop – A Spiritual Approach (VIHASA) on July 11th, 9 am IST

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🚨Values Workshop – A Spiritual Approach (VIHASA) 🚨

❄️ Valuing Self – Part 2 💪🏻

This is a facilitated experiential program designed for professionals (medical, paramedical, finance, IT, management and many others) who can really benefit and make use of spirituality in their daily lives … Moreover they can incorporate the benefits attained through spirituality in their professional lives.

The modules are designed in the form of reflective exercises 🙇 which also incorporate various other spiritual tools such as:
😇 meditation,
❄️ reflection,
👽👀 visualisation,
👏 appreciation,
🎭🗿 creativity,
👂listening and
… to help develop the right ( intuitive) brain and thereby
de-stress the professional from the very core.

There are no didactic lectures but all the participants practice what is called FEL (Facilitated Experiential Learning) and all the exercises are based on AI (Appreciative Inquiry).

All the modules are mutually exclusive, i.e., if you haven’t attended previous sessions, you can still join any module at any point of time.

We are conducting this workshop online and all professionals are cordially invited.🙏🏼

✍🏼 Online Registration-👇🏼

🗓️ 11 July 2020, Saturday
🕰️ 9 am to 11:30 am

👉🏻⚠️ (Registration is limited only to the first 25 entries per session. You will get a unique Zoom video conference joining link on email upon successful approval of online registration)

Kindly spread the word for aspiring candidates …

📞 Helpline numbers:
9637811889 / 7588215153

A request: please all participants be on time so that you don’t miss anything.

Just come and relax and reflect 👼and enjoy exploring oneself as you have never done before…. We are sure you will take away a lot of enjoyable experiences.

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