Union Minister and Brahma Kumaris Address Webinar on “Power of Thoughts and Meditation in Covid-19 Pandemic”

The Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) organized an interactive session for Senior Citizens and pensioners, and invited BK Sister Shivani, to address on the topic “Power of Thoughts and Meditation in Covid-19 Pandemic.” BK Sister Shivani is a renowned Motivational Speaker and recipient of the Nari Shakti award. The senior citizens being the most vulnerable group in this pandemic need more care, to ensure their well being.

BK Sister Shivani talked about the need to keep oneself energized with positive thoughts during this pandemic period.  By adopting the values of positivity, the elders can contribute to their own well being and that of their families and society at large.  “Through their sanskars (values), they can take care of not only their own emotional well-being but also contribute to emotional strength of everyone else in their homes and in the society as they are the givers of unconditional emotional support, stability, hope and love to all younger members of their family and society at large,” she added.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on this occasion said that such programs will help senior citizens in tackling their mental stress levels, thus protecting them from physical illnesses as well.  Senior Citizens have a lot to offer to the society and their valuable experiences can bring changes to the society. Endorsing the thoughts on building positivity in life given by Sister Shivani in her address, the minister said that lifestyle modifications are a must in this period as one should liberate oneself from nagging thoughts.

This program was aimed at sensitizing Senior Citizens and pensioners on mental well being during the pandemic.





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