Tripura Minister Visits BK Center, VIHASA Program for Healthcare Professionals

Agartala (Tripura): A two-day training program was conducted by a core team of health care professionals from VIHASA (Values in Health Care, A Spiritual Approach), of the Janki Foundation. 
The program emphasized a values-based approach to learning and practicing at a personal level, then integrating practically into their noble profession.
The program consists of debates, group discussions, fun activities like dramas, dance, mono acts and different self-analytical skill-based exercises. Certain relaxation and Meditation techniques were also part of their training program. 
The program — designed mainly for health care professionals — can equally benefit people belonging to any profession. Nurses and paramedics from different institutes — including the Agartala Institute of Nursing, the Tripura Institute of Para medical science, the Institute of Nursing (ILS Hospital), Nursing college (TMC) — attended the training program. 
The opening ceremony took place at Gyan Uday Bhavan, Brahma Kumaris Agartala, in the presence of Dr. Chinmay Biswas (Director, Medical Education) and  Dr. K.K Kundu (Principal, Agartala Medical College).
Some 30 doctors — both from government and non-government and other elite institutes — took part in this training program. Lecturers, teachers and other training personals were also present in different sessions.
After the sessions finished, all the participants said that the training session had a positive impact on their learning process both at a personal and professional level. They are now aware of their behavioral attitude and how it empowers them within.  Moreover, they would appreciate such programs to be held more often by the Brahma Kumaris. Hence, the program ended with a very positive note.

Sudip Roy Barman, Minister for Health and Family welfare was not able to attend the opening ceremony due to his work; he visited the BK Center the next evening and met with the BK family and also the VIHASA group. He was impressed and felt the peace and love among the BK family. He also promised to help if anything is needed.

The VIHASA team included Dr. Brajesh Singhal, Dr. Manoj, Dr. Sachin Parab, Dr. Heena Mukadam, BK Sunaina and BK Divya.

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