Tree Plantation by Brahma Kumaris Purna

Purna ( Maharashtra ): It is said, “If We Conserve the Nature, in turn Nature Sustains Our Life.” The Forest provides Oxygen required for the sustenance of life on Earth. Due to the growing human population, Urban Development all over the World has caused reduction of Forest area. Present lifestyle is another cause of increasing pollution in the atmosphere. The Quantity of Oxygen has reduced quite abnormally. As a result, Mankind is suffering with various diseases. So the Government launched a campaign, “Green India, Golden India.” Under this Project, Plantations are being done on a massive scale by many programs from time to time.

As a part of this Objective, the Brahma Kumaris of Purna in the Parbani District of Maharashtra planted saplings on the public roadside in the presence of Dr. Ingole and Journalist Jogdand.

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