Tree plantation at Rose garden of Global Hospital and Research Centre

Abu Road(Rajasthan): Tree plantation started in big land called rose garden, next to Global nursing school. The project to plant trees began on 18th January with blessings of BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris And Managing Trustee Global Hospital and Research Center and Dr. Partap Midha, Director of Global Hospital and Research Center With Nonstop work in progress more than 300 trees were planted after making provision for water supply by digging channels making walking tract.

The greening  is as much as an art as it is a science.  It is all about little techniques, an eye for  detail and and lots of love shared between  the human and the tree species.

It’s approximately 45 acres of land with pheriphery of 2 km.  Everyday meditation in ground at 8.15am , evening 5.30pm for 15minutes and on Sunday meditation of 1 hour from 10.30-11.30am is happening for trees to grow healthy.

Great possibilities are seen in this piece of land, which is so beautifully nestled in between mountains just behind Shivmani Geriatric centre and Global Nursing school where,  a very beautifully designed park for-rest is being created.

Plan in First phase

1st row plantation along boundary   appx 500 plants with water channel digging and protection with tree guards. Time frame till March 2019

Hut for meditation was opened  by Director  Dr Partap Midha  and BK Suraj in the presence of BK family. They said this place will serve many by giving powerful healing energy to all the sick in future.

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