‘The Future of Power’ Conversation on 5th December

Future of power conversation to be held on Saturday, 5th December, 2020. 
Join us for an exclusive conversation with Amandine Roche, Alain Desvigne, Nizar Juma and Judy Rogers exploring the ‘shifts in power’ and their impact on leadership in the 21st Century Purpose. As we witness repeated breakdowns of systems, there is an urgent call emerging for a more responsible leadership to steer us through turbulent times and achieve a stable and positive long-term vision we know is possible.
The purpose of this dialogues is to identify and call upon some of the world’s influential leaders to:
– Deepen their awareness of what is needed to develop and sustain a more responsible leadership;
– Share best practice of responsible leadership;
– Explore what it means to be a ‘trustee of power’ today and tomorrow;
– Develop further insight into new paradigms of leadership emerging through the power shifts of the 21st Century
The live streaming link (youtube link) of the event.

Promotional video –https://youtu.be/wS_Jcvch2Pw

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