“Stress Management Training” session for BEST Engineers

Mumbai ( Maharashtra): The first “Stress Management Training” session for the Engineers of Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking(BEST) was successfully conducted at Brahma Kumaris, Yog Bhawan, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

The session was attended by 23 Engineers along with their Chief Engineer, Mr. Suresh Makhwana. The session started with an introduction of the Brahma Kumaris, briefing the audience about the various godly services offered by the Brahma Kumaris.

Mr. Rajiv Pisharoti, an experienced and certified Trainer for in Leadership and Behavioral Essentials, conducted an interactive session on “Understanding stress”. The key takeaway from this very interactive session was that – An individual is responsible for his/her thoughts and feelings and hence, it is upto us on how we think and react.

The second session was taken by BK Dr. Kirtimala Jaiswal, a Homeopath by qualification and practicing Rajyoga meditation for the last 20 plus years. She conducted the “Relaxation” Meditation session through guided commentary and by use of audio –visual aids, helping the audience to experience peace and repose.

The last session was again an interactive session, facilitated by Rajayogi BK Nikunj, BK Media & Public Relations; Writer, Spiritual Educator and Columnist. Nikunj  in his session harped on the need of training thy self to remain stress free everyday and not just after a stress management session. He quoted examples of how unity among colleagues/ group of employees / workers can increase work productivity, along with maintaining harmony at a personal and professional level. He also replied to work-life related questions raised by the audiences.

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