“Stress-Free Living in Current Times” : Webinar by Brahma Kumaris Balotra

Balotra ( Rajasthan ): On the occasion of Teachers day, Brahma Kumaris Balotra organized a webinar on the topic “Stress-Free Living in Current Times.”
Rajayogi Dr. Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris and Chairperson of the Education Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, inspired all the participants by his great wisdom. He said negative and waste thoughts are the main reasons for tension. Life should not be a business. Education is not an employment, it should be meant for enlightenment of life. Education should be meant to rebuild Sansar and Sanskriti. He further said, communalism leads to division, so we need to focus on moralization, humanization and spirituality. Only Spirituality can make us positive, peaceful and blissful.
Dr. E.V. Swaminathan, Motivational Speaker, said tension arises when outside situations become more powerful than inner state of mind. A Powerful mind is required to adopt to a new system, for which good memory is required. The Language of the mind is picture (imagery). Visualization is very important for improving focus and concentration. To remain tension-free we need to empower our mind. Looking to the changing time, a new syllabus, new way of teaching, new skills are to be adopted.

Today, blended teaching is required. A Teacher should be a good communicator and a counselor as well. Teachers need to change their consciousness. Along with IQ (intelligence quotient), high EQ (emotional or feeling quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient) are also required. A teacher should have a powerful aura and high vibration, only then he/she can touch the mind and heart of the student. For that inward journey, a regular practice of meditation is necessary. Being a detached observer, if we look at any situation, we can see the solution very clearly. Communion with The Supreme Teacher The Almighty can help us to enlighten the self.

Prithvi Raj Ji Dave, Retired Deputy Director, Education Department, Jodhpur, was one of the guests of honour in the webinar. He said time is demanding us to change our lifestyle, bring changes in our interests and boldly face all situations.
Salagram ji Parihar, Presidential Award Winner, Retired Principal, Balotra, said that there should be sweet loveful dealings, faith between one another for a better life.
BK Uma, Centre In-charge of Brahma Kumaris center in Balotra, co-ordinated the program and BK Asmita conducted a guided meditation. The entire program was viewed by hundreds on zoom and youtube.

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