‘Spirituality Unites Religions’ : Program by Brahma Kumaris, Poland

Warsaw, Poland ( Europe ): A ‘Spirituality Unites Religions’ program was held by Brahma Kumaris in Warsaw, and was honoured by the presence of Mr. Madhukar Gupta, CEO, Sikkim CSR Authority, New Delhi, and Mr. Harish Lalwani, a leader of the Indian community.

Mr. Madhukar Gupta praised the work of the Brahma Kumaris, commenting on the holy atmosphere of the center. Speaking of his long experience in the civil service, he emphasized that the fundamental issue in bettering human society is the one-to-one, soul-to-soul connection, because in such communication we are able to see the spiritual values in each other.

BK Halina spoke of spirituality being above religions. Spirituality recognizes the true nature of goodness, peace and love in every human being regardless of race, religion and nationality, thus it has the power to unite religions.

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