Spiritual Birthdays Celebrated by Brahma Kumaris in Thailand

Sukumvit, Bangkok( Thailand ): The Brahma Kumaris of Sukumvit in Bangkok celebrated the Spiritual Birthdays of members of their fraternity, in preparation of the coming Golden Age.  A Spiritual Birthday marks the day an individual becomes aware of the real identity of the Self and the Supreme Soul, and starts its spiritual journey.  For the coming 21 months, this process will be continued at this centre.

Part of September and October this year fall in the extra month or ‘Adhik Maas’ or ‘Purushottam Maas’ of the lunar calendar.  This month is dedicated to intense spiritual practices.  In view of this, and in preparation of the coming Navaratri Festival dedicated to the Divine Feminine, the Bangkok centre took this initiative.

On this occasion, special ‘Bhog’ or Divine Food was prepared and served to all. Amidst Om chanting, members of the BK Divine family practiced emerging their deity form in meditation.

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