“Sleep Management and Mental Empowerment”- Educative Online Session in Hindi

An Enlightening and Educative Online Session on Sleep Quality Awareness

Date: 18th July 2020
NZ Time: 4 pm ~ 5:30 pm
India Time: 9:30 am ~11 am
AU Time: 2 pm ~ 3:30 pm
Venue: Zoom, YouTube & Facebook

YouTube link :

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BY :  BK Veerendar, Brahma Kumaris,
Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

Language:  Hindi

– What is the Importance of Sleep for Good Health?
– What is Deep Sleep?
– What is Quality Sleep?
– How do our Thinking, Lifestyle and Eating Habits Effect our Quality of Sleep?
– Importance of Sleep Hygiene Principles in Improving and Managing Quality of Sleep
– How does Rajyoga Meditation help improve quality Sleep?
– What is the best time to wake up?
– What is the best time to meditate or study?
– Why does our mental energy weaken when we oversleep?
– Laws of Mental Energy
– How does Managing Sleep also help us in Stress and Time Management?

About the Speaker:
BK Veerendar is a Senior Engineer in the construction Department of BK Head Quarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. He is a full-time Dedicated brother for the past 26 years. He has conducted more than 100 programs on this topic to create awareness on our Sleep Quality for the general public, all over India and online in many countries.
In India he has conducted programs for Industries, Government organisations, Banks, Management and Medical Colleges, etc.

– He is a civil engineering graduate from Goa University,
– MBA in Self Management and Crisis Management,
– M.Sc in Counseling and Spiritual Health,
– M.Sc in Value Education and Spirituality,
– Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Hypnotherapy,
– Post Graduate Diploma in Values in Healthcare,
– Post Graduate Diploma in Value Education and Spirituality

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