Silver Jubilee Celebration of Inner Space Wembley, The Mayor of Brent Appreciates the Team

Wembley ( UK ): Brahma Kumaris Celebrate 25 years of Nurturing & Building Bridges – Inner Space, Wembley (ISW) Silver Jubilee Celebration

The silver jubilee celebration of Inner Space Wembley (ISW) held on a Tuesday  evening was especially significant and memorable as it was the first community event, that together with being streamed online, was also held in person at the premises since the lock down in March 2020.

There were about 80 guests in person and over 300 watched live online.

BK Sister Daxa, Coordinator of ISW, welcomed the esteemed guests and friends in the community, acknowledging each one’s presence and explaining what Inner Space is. She also mentioned that it was Dadi Janki’s (former administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris) vision that made Inner Space a reality. She expressed gratitude to everyone’s contribution.

BK Sister Ranjan from Dallas, part of the initial team for the activities in ISW, expressed her happiness for this day and welcomed all.

Councillor Ketan Sheth, Chair of the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee at Brent Council, played a major role in hosting the event and as the master of ceremony very beautifully conducted the entire evening. He opened the event describing the theme ‘Nurturing and Building Bridges’ around hope, discovery and meditation, strong positive principles, being compassionate towards each other and the self.

Krishna Sanghvi, a young meditator, shared a greeting of peace, expressing sweetly her feelings of peace and belonging.

A short video highlighted the journey of ISW, a dream child of Dadi Janki, since its inception from August 1996, with the aim to bring a universal message of peace to the UK and the world. Describing Inner Space as a friendly safe place for self-development, the video showcased the variety of activities and community outreach services that have taken place.

Simon Ovens, Her Majesty the Queen’s representative, Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police, greatly appreciated the importance of the opportunity to come together in a peaceful way and share harmony especially in the current times and gave his very best wishes for the achievements so far and a long and successful future on behalf of the lieutenancy and Her Majesty.

 Councillor Lia Colacicco, The Mayor of Brent, gave her congratulations, appreciating the team of dedicated volunteers who contributed to the success working tirelessly and being examples, and also gave her thanks on behalf of the people of Brent.

Raj Kumar Duggal, Second Secretary (Visa), High Commission of India, gave his greetings, sharing that humanity is based on the foundation of love and care for each other and only peace in humanity can make this world a better place.

Thiru Seelan through a dance wonderfully expressed his life’s journey, moving from a life of struggle and sorrow to a life of solace and happiness.

Danny Coyle, Head Teacher, Newman Catholic College, in his speech, shared that actions speak more than words and this unites the community. He related the various activities that the college has undertaken with generosity and kindness to help the students, families and the community.

Georgina Nutton, Head Teacher, Preston Park Primary School, and a leading education improvement leader, shared her valuable thoughts on the need for places that can give support, space to reflect, find the thrust and overcome the drags. She also read a poem on faith. ‘Faith is a power that is greater than knowledge, power or skill and many defeats turn into triumphs if you trust in your wisdom and will’.

Ratan Thadani, Trustee, Brahma Kumaris UK, gave his thanks and appreciation to the Brent council for all the support and cooperation provided for the ISW building and also shared his congratulations to the ISW team.

A cake was cut in celebration by Simon Ovens, Her Majesty the Queen’s representative; Councillor Lia Colacicco, Mayor of Brent; BK Sister Jayanti; Councllor Ketan Sheth and BK Sister Daxa.

 Prerna Thakker and Veer Thakker, Secondary school pupils, added a sparkle to the celebration by singing two beautiful songs.

 BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, in her inspirational speech shared in essence what is taught at the Brahma Kumaris, that peace is the inner state of being of the soul, and when we come back to the awareness of the inner being of the true identity of who we truly are, then we connect with the peace within and experience all the other treasures that the soul carries: love, the truth, the joy, the purity and compassion. There is one Creator and we are all beautiful creations, we are one family. She gave congratulations and thanks to the whole team who have supported ISW for the last 25 years and especially through Covid. She ended by saying that it is the power of faith that has created this place, it is a story of faith and courage.

Dr. Joan St John, Brent General Practitioner, Brent Health Matters community champion, Diabetes UK clinical champion, shared in her message of hope that our true health is not just physical health, but includes our mental health and spiritual health. Expressing her congratulations and gratitude, she said that hope, wisdom, discovery and meditation are very important for our total well-being.

Jenny Lanyero, Consultant Nurse, CNWL NHS Trust, gave her congratulations, shared her happiness for being present and spoke about all the support activities that are being done to empower the communities to help look after themselves, especially during the pandemic, and appreciated collaborating with places that can be mental-health friendly.

BK Sister Jayanti led everyone through a guided meditation encouraging all to spend a few moments in the morning and evening in reflection that can impact their personal lives and the world around them.

Sanjay Tulsidas, Trustee, Brahma Kumaris UK, in his note of thanks, shared that the evening was very uplifting and thanked each of the guests for their contribution and also greatly appreciated all the volunteers in ISW for their selfless work.

Everyone shared from the heart and there were feelings of friendship, collaboration, gratitude and appreciation throughout that made the evening very special. The celebration ended with sharing of gifts and light dinner.


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