Sessions on “Harmony in Relationships” in Mumbai

Malad, Mumbai (Maharashtra): Three organizations — the Shakilam Foundation, the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Trust, and Pragati Mitra Mandal — invited BK Kunti to give a speech on the topic “Harmony in Relationships.”

BK Kunti mentioned that to keep relations good, the following qualities are required :
1. Jhukna (Being Humble) – The way the tap can give water to all is only by bending down. It cannot give water easily if it is straight. Similarly, if we want to keep our relations good, we need to bend down. Bending down does not mean we are inferior to someone.
2. Let Go or postpone – If there are aspects which we don’t like about someone, we need to let go of those. Many times we do not agree to some aspects due to our ego. So we have to understand abhiman, which means Abhi man le……and then we can discuss about this later.
3. Good Wishes for all – Many times if we get hurt, we think that others also should get hurt, only then they will come to know.  No. We should have good wishes for all.
4. Spend time with family – Nowadays many are spending more time with gadgets like mobile. But if we are not well, then who will be taking care of us? Is it going to be a mobile? No. It will be our family, so we should spend time with our family to take care of them instead of wasting too much time on gadgets.
5. Avoid competition – Instead of competing with one another, we should make our ownself complete. If we get into competition with others that generates bitterness. So avoid competition and make yourself complete.
6. Cleansing the mind – We have made our mind like a dustbin, where many people come to us and put waste thoughts in our mind. So it is important to daily clean our inner self and avoid hearing evil.

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