Seminar on “Role of Women in Creating a Value-Based Society”

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Indore, under the aegis of its week-long International Women’s Day celebrations, held a seminar on “The Role of Women in Creating a Value-based Society.”  Many women speakers shared their insights on the topic on this occasion.

While interacting with the audience, Ms. Mukta Pandey, Headmistress of Mini Higher Secondary School, said that children should receive good moral education from their mothers right from their childhood.

BK Vika said that a woman is a symbol of love, peace, compassion and nurturing. Ms. Mudra Shastri, Member of the BJP National Working Committee, said that women must get rid of their inner demons to become empowered. A society is only as progressive as its women.

Ms. Asha Pandey, President of the Lions Club of Indore, said that women must act in cooperation to find their voices in society. Ms. Asha Rani, social activist, observed that the Brahma Kumaris organization is a good example of a place where empowered women hold supreme.

TV anchor Ms. Chitra spoke about the need for women to find time for self focus and reflection. Ms. Divya, TV ancho highlighted the irony of telling an educated society to respect its women.

Ms. Sunita Salgia, Treasurer, Inner Wheels Club of Indore, termed women’s empowerment as a continuous organic process that can be achieved through Raja Yoga practice.

BK Aarti, Zonal in charge of Brahma Kumaris Indore, said that women everywhere, in all walks of life, must strive to attain divine values of character and temperament. BK Deepali guided everyone in practicing Rajyoga Meditation.

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