“Rise and Shine” Brahma Kumaris Enlighten Youth

BK Shivlal enlightening the youth

Jamtha, Nagpur (Maharashtra) : A grand program was held to enlighten the Youth to take the righteous path of progress in their life. For this, Brahma Kumar Shivlal was specially invited from Bahrain, who addressed 300 youths and gave them tips of Wisdom through the topic “RISE and SHINE” at the Brahma Kumaris Vishwa Shanti Sarovar Retreat Center in Nagpur.

BK Shivlal highlighted their Attitude towards Motherland, God and the Duties they perform. He placed a few beautiful thoughts that greatly inspired all those present. He said, “None is greater than the Mother in the Universe, no place in the World is greater than the Motherland”. He asked them, “Keep your Self Esteem ever high. Problems are inevitable in life but ask God to show the ways to face and tackle them. You have to make your own Future.” He said, “Where there is dirt, there exists mosquitoes. Similarly, we must not keep waste thoughts that may disturb our Peace of Mind. Good thoughts in the Mind is called good company. It is said, conquer your Mind, you conquer the World. If your Mind is in control, the feeling of winning or losing will not make any sense for you.” Explaining the benefits of meditation, he said, “You will feel responsible towards Self, Family and the World. Thank your Parents, Nature, God and the Country.”

He revealed the problems of youth: “Mobile and Mind, Facebook on Mobile and Mind in the Facebook”. He said, “No one but you alone can make your own Future. You have to work hard for yourself and you have to ignite the lamp of your Future. Man never really gets defeated until he himself accepts defeat. You must praise yourself every hour.”

Speaking on Positive Thinking, he said, “Always think that ‘I am a Great Soul. I am a Powerful Soul. Everything is going Fine’ “. He said that we must see that our Mind is in Peace that keeps our Intellect Peaceful. He said that the Mind and Positive Thoughts are the Foundation of the Youth on which their Future is built.

Regarding family problems he said, “Your wife, children, home and your problems all are your own, then how can an outsider solve your problems”? He asked to do 3 things for any problem, SOS: S – Stop, O – Observe and S – Steer or Solve.

For Self-Identity he suggested:

  1. Communication must be good.
  2. Decisions must be taken after proper understanding.
  3. Must not get disturbed under any circumstance. He gave an example of a lock which has 3 keys. Similarly, there may be other ways to solve your problems. 
  4. Must change the self before changing others. Must learn to absorb venom to be like Shankar.

To Progress: 

  1. Must have check on Desires.
  2. Must make your good Nature.
  3. Must be Happy Mentally.
  4. Must never complain about others.
  5. Must be able to accept all.

At the end of the program, 3 minutes of meditation was done. It was announced that a 7-day course can be taken at all 13 Centres in the city.

The function was presided over by BK Manju and an introduction of the Brahma Kumaris was given by BK Shubhangi while the Program was arranged by the Centre in Charge, BK Rajani.

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