Revelation of Ancient Raja Yoga : Program by Brahma Kumaris Moscow with the Embassy of India 

Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris Moscow jointly with the Embassy of India  organised an online programme ( Lecture and interview )  on the occasion of International Day of Yoga with Sister Shivani on the topic “The Revelation of  the Ancient Rajayoga”.
Since ages, man has been searching for the Truth about himself,
about God, about creation, about life and death, about the meaning of life…
And it seems that there are no answers that would satisfy everyone.
Yet the answers do exist. Raja yoga gives answers to the eternal questions of the eternal soul.
BK Elena Titova, Moscow, introduced the speaker BK Sister Shivani and also topic of the session. Mr. Manoj Kotwani, President, Indian Business Alliance Moscow extended words of welcome addressed to BK Sister Shivani.
The programme included two parts: a lecture and an interview when the viewers had an opportunity to ask their questions. In the first part Shivani Didi explored the deep notions of Soul, God, Time, the Universal Laws in the light of the Raja Yoga teachings. All could experience deep peace and a state of light and lightness during the meditations.
In the second part all the viewers could enjoy the vivid session of questions and answers. Didi Shivani gave simple and significant explanations on important issues of our life and told about the solutions that Raja Yoga can offer to everyone who is eager to find peace and harmony amidst various challenges of the present time.
Shivani Verma (India), a motivational speaker, inspires people to fill life
with new meaning and positive power. She has been teaching the art of living and meditation at Brahma Kumaris University for over 20 years.
She is a renowned presenter of the TV show “Awakening with Brahma Kumaris”.Her book “Happiness Without Boundaries” became the №1 bestseller on Amazon India in the spiritual literature section. Her personal you tube channel has over 200 million views and Facebook has 2.5 million followers.


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