“Quantum Healing: The Heart in Wellbeing” Online session with World Peace Meditation

Miami, Florida ( USA ): The Brahma Kumaris Miami center organized an online conversation on “Quantum Healing: The Heart in Wellbeing.” This session was held in conjunction with World Peace Meditation on the third Sunday of the month.  Dr. Shvetank and Dr. Kanishtha Agarwal presented an introduction to “quantum consciousness” and the implications for healing.

According to Dr. Shvetank, “all matter has at its core, no matter” or infinite space. By using our mind, we can enter the “quantum field” — a field of infinite possibilities — and open ourselves to wellbeing.

Dr. Kanishtha shared findings from her interviews of BKs who had experienced a serious medical condition, noting that their consistent meditation practices over a long period of time helped dispel fears and enabled them to remain calm and stable. The doctors urged everyone to remember that “life is about choices” and the emerging field of quantum healing demonstrates that we can experience the true joy of life despite our circumstances.

This session was offered by  BK Miami Meditation Center in conjunction with the World Peace Meditation offered by the BKs on the third Sunday of each month.  A recording is available here: youtu.be/9PPcQ5OPN5g

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