Opening of New BK Center

Gorakhnath (Uttar Pradesh): Brahma Kumaris Centres in the District of Gorakhpur are already serving in Humayupur, Shahpur, Mohaddipur, Bank Road and Maya Bazaar, and now a new BK Center has opened in Gorakhnath.

BK Sunita, Humayupur Centre in-Charge, hoisted the Flag of Shiva at the Opening Ceremony of the New Centre in Rajendra Nagar East in the City of Gorakhnath, amidst the hearty cheers of the Members of the Brahma Kumaris, invited guests and dignitaries.
On this occasion Mr. Amarnath Choubey, owner of the building, was honoured by BK Sunita.  He expressed his gratitude, thanked BK Sunita and greeted the Brahma Kumaris with all his Best Wishes.

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