Online Rakhi Ceremony by Hollywood Brahma Kumaris

Hollywood Rakhi Meditation “Zoomed” into 60 homes.

Hollywood, Florida ( USA ): A warm welcome was given by BK Veronica (Miami) to BK Manda (London), who gave a talk/meditation which beautifully set the tone of the Rakshabandhan celebration by Brahma Kumaris in Hollywood.

Assistance from Engineers BK Tej and BK Meeta was invaluable in seamlessly producing this 2-hour zoom meeting where each soul was spotlighted while a blessing was read by BK Etta and BK Roz. The following week, rakhi bracelets and blessings were mailed to the participants who requested them.  Jamila and Mindy’s heartfelt songs, as well as singing bowls played by Chamarah, added to the sacredness of the hour.

Here is link for Sr. Manda’s talk/meditation: Click here:

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