Online Janmashtami Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Nagpur

Nagpur ( Maharashtra ): On the occasion of the Janmashtami festival, the Brahma Kumaris of Vasantnagar, Nagpur, telecast on YouTube the colourful and beautiful Jhankiyan (Live Display) of Sri Krishna’s Life and dances enchantingly performed by lovely children.

On this occasion, BK Manorama, Centre in Charge of Brahma Kumaris, Allahabad, joined online with BK Rajani, Centre in Charge of Brahma Kumaris, Nagpur; BK Manisha, Co-in Charge; and BK Prem Prakash while they lit the lamps to start the function.  BK Sisters prepared 108 varieties of Food items that were offered to Sri Krishna, Royal Prince to come in Satyug, the Future Golden Era.

BK Manorama put forth spiritual secrets of Janmashtami in a very beautiful way. She said that the Land of Nagpur itself is very wonderful because here Man Power, Mental Power, Intellectual Power, Money Power and other kinds of Powers are all available. Extending her Greetings she said, “Today being Janmashtami, each and every Indian cannot be without feeling joy and happiness. Bharat Bhoomi (Indian Land) is known for such great Incarnates. Where there is Virtuous Supreme Person Sri Ram there is also Yogi Raj Sri Krishna. Talking about the activities of Sri Krishna will fall short. He is said to have killed Pootana the demon, stealing Butter at times, being in the company of Cows at another time, sometimes He is said to be playing on a Flute, so many ways he has been admired. Sri Krishna’s childhood is displayed through many Cultural Programs and Live Displays.

She said, “Can anyone imagine that a Child will kill demons like Akasur, Bakasur, can lift a hillock, Govardhan on a Finger, can kill a demoness Pootana, achieving success after success ultimately will become a Yogi Raj? Krishna was shown to have been Born in a Jail when all the Guards were in deep sleep, it indicates that when People fall under the influence of Ignorance, Sri Krishna descends on Earth. During the Mahabharat, Yogi Raj Sri Krishna had no army, no weapons, he went with a plan to avoid war. All the time under all situations His actions, but not the reactions have been narrated how he would overcome all the matters positively, lovingly, comfortably and easily. So we must also wipe out one by one all our ill qualities and become like lovely flowers in order to go into Satyug, World of Sri Krishna.”

BK Rajani said, “Though we are all watching the colourful cultural programs online sitting at home, we feel as if Sri Krishna is dancing with each Gopi (Playmate) in Raas (Group Dance). Full of 16 Celestial Arts, Viceless, Double non-Violent, Purushottam (Supreme Person) are all said in praise of Sri Krishna Himself. Enchanted by the Sweet Music of His Flute, let our Soul as Gopi, losing the sense of Body, unaware of worldly pomp and material attractions, experience the Divine Love of Sri Krishna. It is not possible, unless we achieve this state, to meet Rajarajeshwar God (King of Kings Supreme Soul). In order to participate in this Great Raas (dance), we must connect by the string of mind but not the tune of songs. It is what is shown as Krishna sharing butter which resembles Powers, Divine Qualities acquired from God by Rajayoga Meditation and contemplation of the knowledge.  He is not a thief but he has stolen Hearts of His Devotees, leaving no trace of Negative Traits to be there in their Minds.”

BK Rajani further said, “As per the Indian tradition, so many Deities are being worshiped with devotion but Krishna is loved mostly from the depth of the heart and belief by everyone. Because Sri Krishna itself means most attractive Soul. That’s why His activities from childhood to adulthood are being described in Bhagwat (His Life Story). His guidance was very appropriate in all situations. Now at the end of Kaliyug God is giving us Butter of Wisdom by which all Divine Qualities of Sri Krishna are getting imbibed in us. By breaking the Pots of our Body Consciousness and by teaching us how to inculcate the Divine Qualities, He is making us worthy to go into the world of Sri Krishna. Present time is inviting us to be like Sri Krishna.”

At the end, the last item of breaking the “Dahi Handi” (hanging earthen pot containing curd), was also arranged. The entire program was managed by BK Damayanti. On YouTube more than 5500 members enjoyed the Jhankiyan, all the Cultural items, and enchanting dances.

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