Online Divine Cultural Program on Janmashtami by Brahma Kumaris Warangal

Warangal ( Telangana ): On the auspicious occasion of the Shri Krishna Janmastami festival, the Brahma Kumaris of Warangal Suzone organised an online divine cultural program on Youtube.

BK Savita, Director of Brahma Kumaris in the Warangal Sub-Zone, initiated the program by sharing the spiritual significance of Krishna Janmashtami, followed by almost 25 cultural events exhibited by several connected centers of the Warangal sub-Zone.
The Drama of Shri Krishna Tulabharam (edited and mixed with visual effects) of 23 minutes duration was the center of attraction of the entire program. The Cultural program included the divine meeting of Krishna-Sudama drama and other cultural presentations by children depicted as Krishna and gopis.

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