Online Center Residents Retreat By Asia Retreat Center, Malaysia

Malaysia : An online Centre Residents Retreat was hosted by Asia Retreat Centre (ARC) in which about 100 center residents took benefit.

Retreat started early in the morning from 3.30am up to 5am with creativity activity followed by tapping exercise by Dr Shrimant. After the murli and class on Remembrance from BK Meera, participants had breakfast at respective centres.

At 9.30am, BK Meera Didi shared on the topic “7 steps to enhance Self Esteem”. BK Charlie joined at 11.00am and shared an hour class on “Accepting Myself”. After the class, participants got into small group discussion on zoom. BK Charlie returned to the Questions and Answers session which participants found this session very informative.

Evening session started at 4.30pm whereby BK Letchu interviewed BK Meera Didi on her lockdown experience in Delhi and ORC.
BK Sheilu from Madhuban joined the retreat to conduct a class and guided
participants to tour four pilgrimage places and giving volcanic yoga experience.

At the conclusion of the retreat, every participant received a “personalised” e-
blessing card sent through whatsapp. Overall, everyone felt recharged and rejuvenated in this one day retreat.

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