Online 12-Hour Meditation on UN World Food Day by Brahma Kumaris Australia

An Environment Special Interest Group in Australia has created a very beautiful program in honour of UN World Food Day on Friday 16th October.
The Brahma Kumaris Australia are hosting a 12-hour meditation from 8 am-8 pm on Friday 16th October to help bring more awareness about how food is produced, the many components in our food chain, and to support the great efforts by all of our ‘Food Heroes’ who play a part in making wholesome, nutritious food available to everyone. We support World Food Day and its efforts to recognise and support farmers, transporters, sellers, gardening magazines, food banks, etc., who play important parts in our food chain.

We also acknowledge that when we demand nutritious and healthy food and support best practices in growing and delivering food, like supporting farmers markets, locally grown foods, etc., then good quality food will be produced more and more and lead to a more healthy society. People are invited to join the 12-hour meditation at any time, even for 15 minutes, to send vibrations of gratitude and support to Mother Nature and all of our Food Heroes.

You are invited to join in at some time during the day between 8 am – 8 pm (Sydney time) at to lend your support in sending uplifting and appreciative energy to all of those involved in producing food and ensuring people around the world have food to eat.
The program highlights the need to be economical and to minimize wastage, simple living, connection with each other and nature, gratitude, compassion and care for others. It includes talks and meditations by some BKs and some enlightening talks by others involved in helping to produce our food and support our community with food.  You can see one of the stories here
Join the meditation on Friday at

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