One-month-long Shivratri Celebrations

Hathras (Uttar Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris branch of Aligarh road, Anandpuri Colony, set off one-month-long Shivratri celebrations with a huge peace rally. Along with beautiful spiritual songs sung by BK Shwetha,  this rally also featured models of “Jyothirling Shivling” and “Radha Krishna”. The partcipating BKs in the rally drew everyone’s attention with their slogans like “5 Vices are doorway to hell”, ‘Save Girl child and educate girl child’, etc.

The rally was followed by a cultural program in which young performers entertained everyone with songs and dances whilst giving the spiritual message of Maha Shivratri.

BK Meena said that God Father Shiva is Incorporeal and is a point of light hence in Shivling a red dot is placed which is the main aspect of Shivling. All religions worship God as a point of light. She said that Shiva means “benefactor” and His name symbolizes His divine actions. She also gave deep knowledge of Soul and Incorporeal God Father Supreme Soul Shiva.

BK Shanta said that we can experience all relations with God when we know Him exactly and connect with Him through meditation. This was a joint effort of all BK branches of Rampur, Hathras, Sasni, Madrak and Ladpur.


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