“On the Open Spaces of Vladivostok” Program in Moscow

Vladivostok ( Russia ): In Vladivostok, the Educational and Methodological Center of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Primorsky Territory hosted the program “Speech defines a person” and “Conflict – to be or not to be?” The topics of the lectures were interesting for the audience, since they are relevant for everyone and affect vital situations in modern society.

“We give the first assessment to a person by the way he speaks.” Speech has a very strong energy. The more energy, the more healthy, successful and harmonious a person. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to control your language, carefully monitor speech, and avoid empty and negative conversations.

Understanding the causes of conflicts, the process of their development, and taking responsibility, we can change difficult life situations and find ways to resolve conflicts. In this regard, our ignorance of the dynamics of conflict development becomes a big problem for us and represents a huge obstacle to their resolution. Therefore, students carefully studied the problem and the methods proposed for resolving conflict situations.

Program “Conflict – to be or not to be”

In August, seminars entitled “How to remain calm in this troubled world,” “The greatest wealth are virtues,” and the lecture “Immune system of the soul” were also held. The seminars were devoted to virtues, qualities that are the foundation of our character, and the importance of their manifestation in life.

Lecture “Immune system of the soul”

The lecture “The Immune System of the Soul” talked about what we know about the existence of the physical immune system and the numerous viruses that infect various organs and systems of the body. But what virus infects our consciousness, how to neutralize this virus? When we know how the immune system of the soul works, we can spiritually heal ourselves, maintain our mental health and inspire others. These and other aspects of this topic were considered during the program.

Seminar “How to stay calm in this troubled world”

For two months, introductory courses, individual lessons, and seminars on virtues continued at the Brahma Kumaris in Vladivostok. An important event for some listeners was the “Raksha Bandhan” holiday, which everyone celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. This holiday originates in the traditions of ancient India and symbolizes the bonds of God’s protection. The ceremony of tying a Raksha — a sacred thread-amulet on the wrist, the promise of preserving purity in thoughts, words and deeds, and acceptance of the bonds of God’s protection –inspired new efforts and spiritual achievements of those who had just embarked on the spiritual path and had began studying the spiritual wisdom.