Nairobi – Kenya : A Journey of 29 years 1991-2020 : Global Cooperation to Godly Power

Global Cooperation to Godly Power – A journey of 29 years from 1991 -2020

Nairobi, Kenya ( Africa ):  2nd October is a special day, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and The International Day of Non-Violence.

46 years ago on 2nd October 1974, BK Vedanti and BK Sheilu first set foot on the soil of Africa.  They first came to Nairobi to establish BK centres in Africa.   A lot has happened in these years. 

3 decades ago on 29 August 1991 The Global Museum for a Better World was inaugurated. The name was inspired by an international Peace Project, which was dedicated to the United Nations and entitled Global co-operation for a Better World.  This then became the unique Regional Headquarters for Africa of the Brahma Kumaris.

29 August 2020 turned into a Journey of 29 Years from Global Cooperation to Godly Power.  A unique memorable journey, which we would like to share with you all.


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