Mumbai Celebrates 103rd Birthday of Dadi Janki

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Mumbai had the fortune to spend an enlightening evening with Dadi Janki, celebrating her 103rd birthday with great enthusiasm and colorful celebrations. The event was graced by Dadi Janki herself; BK Brijmohan, Additional Secretary and Principal Spokesperson of the Brahma Kumaris; BK Santosh from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh Center and Head of the Social Wing of the Brahma Kumaris; and Mumbai Mayor Mr. Vishwanath Mahareshwar.

The evening saw vibrant song and dance performances by young girls attired in bright costumes. BK Santosh welcomed Dadi Janki and everyone to Mumbai. She shared with the audience the good news of a flyover in the city being named after BK Dadi Brajindra.

BK Brijmohan shared secrets of Rajyoga and mind concentration. He asked everyone to remember that being with the Brahma Kumaris means being a traveller en route to the Golden Age and working ceaselessly for its arrival. He exhorted people to unearth the latent powers of their mind with Rajyoga. Being a true Rajyogi means having absolute control over the mind.

The highlight of the evening was the cake-cutting and Dadi Janki’s speech. She remembered fondly her early days at the Mumbai center and marvelled at its exponential growth now. She expressed happiness over it and thanked the Supreme Father whose grace it is. Everyone soaked in the divine vibrations of her presence.

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