Message of Hope: Spring has Sprung

At last, spring has arrived, the vernal equinox, celebrated as the first day of spring, the dawning of the bright half of the year. Traditionally, we open doors and windows to let the brisk, cleansing spring breeze blow through our homes and sweep away the dust and stuffy air gathered throughout the winter months. With longer daylight hours we prepare for outside work, planting seeds and excursions into nature.

But first, do ‘inside’ work, spring clean the self, by clearing out and ‘throwing away’  stale, negative thoughts and excess worries. Dust the soul to dissolve sad feelings and remove the clutter of memories.  Our mind becomes clear and clean.  The soul, polished, shines by inculcating a habit where our thought patterns are right, positive and powerful ones no matter what happens!

To change this deep and old habit of creating the wrong type of thoughts when I am faced with a negative situation, use meditation, which trains the mind to consciously create the right type of thoughts. Call, Connect and make an Appointment with the most efficient and best purifying Cleaning Service available.  With God, the best Cleaning Agent, our companion, we have spiritual power to purge the self of negative self-talk, to sweep away the cobwebs of past mistakes and old habits that no longer serve us. He inspires us to polish and make the soul sparkle. God sees us as special friends because of the good in our hearts and the good we are doing in the world.

President Zelenskyy and the people of the Ukraine are shining examples. By remaining stable with self respect and faith in themselves and God, they understand that the way of violence has no mind.  To use violence is to be weak and ultimately this acquired pollutant kills the conscience and spiritual power.  With continued requests for negotiations they are inspiring humanity through their courage, love for their motherland, leadership, unity, and resilience.

How can we help?  Although stress, fear, or disease can be contagious, so can peace, power and cure.  When we think and feel pure thoughts, our spiritual vibrations are a cure for the world. Thoughts are the most powerful energy in the world; in a second our positive, peaceful thoughts will reach anywhere with the power to burn negative and violent energy.

“In the midst of a seemingly endless winter, I discovered within myself an invincible spring. 

May it be so, for all who need encouragement in these hard times.”- Camus

At this time God is getting His work done through the ones who remember Him, those who keep the aim to ‘improve’ each day and to serve the world with the donation  peaceful and powerful thoughts and actions. Spring is testimony; no matter how hard winter gets, life comes back and always will.

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