Message of Hope – Sense of self

How do I define myself?

The things by which we generally define ourselves such as appearance, personality, occupation, and relationships can all change.

Our sense of self can be influenced by what people say, the situation around us and the problems we face.

What is it then that truly defines who I am?

A good method to find an answer to this question, and also to get to know myself on a deeper level, is to ask myself “What do I really value in life?”

I will probably find I value qualities such as love, happiness, compassion and kindness, the things that bring inner contentment and joy.

Can I then consider these qualities to belong to me?

When I take time to reflect and listen to my own inner silence, I can really begin to experience these qualities in myself.

I come to understand that I am a spiritual being.

This experience is proof that provides conviction, and so I am able to bring them into action.

Using the power of inner silence, I can choose to create thoughts of good wishes for others, with the power of my mind spreading peace into the atmosphere.

It will help to have the understanding that actually there is benefit in every situation, even and especially if it does not appear to be beneficial.

Having such an attitude enables me to first of all accept whatever is happening, which then enables me to understand clearly what I need to do to move through and forward from the situation.

Call it faith, call it hope, it is real, and it enables me to understand how to stay on the rails of the world drama that is playing out, and to maintain a positive spiritual attitude towards my life.


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