Message of Hope – Living is Easy!

Meditate. Meditation is a shower for the mind and keeps our heart and mind clean. When we are filled with love and an awareness of truth through meditation, our silent vibrations reach and bring benefit to oneself, to others and beyond to the world.  Meditation helps clear the residue of our past, feel more easy about the future and make right decisions in the present.  To easily make a decision take your senses inward and notice how your mind feels.  On the screen of your mind visualize a traffic light; whichever light is lit, red, yellow or green will point you in “no” or “yes” direction.

Retreat. Distance yourself from all people, patterns, and organized systems that influence your life negatively. No matter what the obstacle or situation is, let it go, but never let your happiness go. Clap for yourself during these times. You should always be your biggest fan!

Nature. Nature carries an electromagnetic charge that balances our own. It’s nice to look at nature, but better to take time out to physically connect and appreciate it.  When I want more roses in my garden, I start planting them. When I want more love in my life, I start spreading it. Surround yourself with what you like by continuously generating it!  Keep planting the seeds of  consideration; show others they matter and are appreciated. It costs nothing and helps them to see their inner beauty and bloom. By paying attention create such a tension-free unpolluted atmosphere; whoever comes to meet you will “catch” this atmosphere and be naturally refreshed.

Play. Doing what you love shuts off your mind and puts you in the positive mental flow of being entirely and happily absorbed in the present task. There is great benefit in simply being present. Play connects you with your soul.  To be present means to be aware of who am I, to see the eternal form of the self and feel yourself happily radiating light.

Yoga. Yoga teaches you not to look sideways, not to compare. It also encourages you to be present and not leave anything wasteful on your mind. Yoga is more than physical exercise; it is spiritual exercise that gets the soul closely connected to God.  Our task is to create a strong inner stage and to experience the impact of God’s company coloring us, dissolving the tensions of negativity and taking us beyond concerns of this world.  The livin’ is easy by remembering “God is doing and I am enjoying!”  . . . And everything gets easily done in the right way at the right time!     

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