Message of Hope : Become Depression-Proof

Message of Hope

A recent University of Notre Dame study of 103 pairs of roommates found that negative thinking patterns can be passed from one person to another. Misery does love company!  Just like the virus, negative thoughts can be contagious.  It’s called “cognitive vulnerability”.  This mindset that you are at fault for the stressful life events which you are not able to change has become a contagious and often a lasting mental disease  Although we know negative thoughts are not good for us, yet we accept these thoughts as part of life.  We see difficulties in each opportunity and become depressed.  How do we live without acquiring or absorbing these vibrations? A depression vaccine has yet to be discovered!

You can only fix yourself.  You can’t make someone else stop being negative. Turn within to check and change your mood and thoughts. Meditate, connect  with God’s unlimited love and choose to feel happy or neutral instead of negative. Look after your feelings so you are  not infected by anything. Negative feelings are temporary.  Keep your awareness in the present; overthinking, a major cause of depression, will diminish and stop. Learn  to love yourself, since you must spend so much time with yourself.  “I am _______.”   What you fill this affirmation with creates your reality.  The longer I hold onto a particular thought, the more power I invest in it.

First thought of the day. Our most valuable resource, the soul, is right behind our eyes.   First thought of the day, – ‘I am a peaceful and beautiful soul’,  or ‘I am an eternal being of light radiating the light of love’, sets the blueprint for the entire day.  Use this resource and BE IT to defeat depression.

Practice compassion. It has become human nature to interpret negative comments as a personal attack. Instead, recognize them as a sign someone is suffering. . To encourage and empower the positive ideas and ways of others means we are empowering ourselves. Whatever  defects we criticize in others we also have that weakness. Never look down on someone  – unless we are helping them get up! A gentle heart never makes others feel guilty about their mistakes,

Don’t take things personally. To prevent yourself from reacting, don’t engage; be an observer.  Emotion is a limited creation; it will pass. Do not make it your identity.

Energy flows where attention goes. What we focus on grows.  Start looking at life with joy and a big heart, and sadness and depression disappear.  Seeing the beauty of life, we see opportunities, not difficulties.  We cannot have heaven and hell together. We can have only one. The choice is ours. You did choose heaven, didn’t you?

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