“Management of Emotions” and Meditation at Ayurvedic Spa in Odessa, Russia

Odessa, Ukraine ( Russia ): BK Valerian, representative of the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations, Geneva, and National Coordinator of BC, Switzerland, visited the Ukraine, where she conducted seminars, public programs, lectures and retreats for Brahma Kumaris students.

In Odessa, an hour of meditation was held in the club of silence, an Ayurvedic spa called ‘Shanti,’ for salon visitors, as well as massage therapists and attendants. BK Valerian conducted meditations on the topics “Soul and its nature” for an hour, “Soul and its home” and “Communication with the Higher Source,” which allowed the listeners to plunge into a deep feeling of silence, love and peace.

There was public lecture in Impact Hub Odessa on the topic “Management of Emotions.” BK Valerian has been researching the nature, cause and methods of controlling emotions for several years, based on the spiritual knowledge and the practice of Raja Yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.  She has created a series of seminars and is the author of a book on managing emotions.  She generously shared her inner discoveries and observations with the audience.

BK Valerian met with club members of “The club of successful women,” which operates at the private school Mini-Boss (parents of school students), as well as teachers.

A conversation was held on the topic “When everything is in my hands: the art of managing oneself and one’s life.” The participants in the meeting listened to BK Valerian with great interest, reacted vividly, and asked many questions on the topic of the meeting.

In Lvov, there was a round table on the project “Bridge of Good.” Attendees of this event felt great enthusiasm and it generated new ideas.