‘Lifetime Achiever Positive Energizer Award’ for Brahma Kumaris

Abu Road ( Rajasthan ): The Giants Welfare Foundation Branch 3A honored Rajyogini BK Dr. Sunita with a ‘Lifetime Achiever Positive Energizer Award,’ on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day. BK Dr. Sunita is a reputed International Management Consultant and Senior Rajayoga Teacher in Shantivan, Mount Abu, the International headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris.

The award recognized BK Dr. Sunita as engaging in High Energy Style, dedicating her entire life to Energize the Universe, Being positive no matter what, Magnet of Positive Energy, An Angel of constant Energy of hope and Successful conserver of positive energy.

Dr. BK Sunita, while speaking on this occasion, expressed her gratitude to the Giants Welfare Foundation.  With interesting examples, she spoke on the topic ‘Let’s Conserve Positive Energy’. She said that to conserve positive energy, we must stop its leakage by ensuring positive input from all our five senses. If we do not generate positivity from our inner self, no hope exists of getting it from outside.  For this, we should make God our confidant and let the Supreme Soul guide us through our life’s journey.  She guided everyone in experiencing positive energy vibrations through a short Rajayoga Meditation session with commentary.

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