Labor Welfare Minister Address Public Event at Brahmaputra Peace Valley Retreat Centre

“Silence of Mind as the Key to Attain Health, Wealth and Happiness”

Tinusikia ( Assam ): Smiling faces, a shower of flower petals, deep and triumphant sounds of conch shells. This is how the BK family of Tinsukia met BK Santosh, Director of Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg Russia, on her arrival to Assam.

Bk Rajni (Sivsagar),Bk Rajni (Tinsukia), Bk Vinod organized quite a grand and profound welcome ceremony. Bk Narmada, Bk Leela (Mizoram), Bk Jitamani (Roing, Arunachal Pradesh) and some other brothers and sisters who reached from Mizoram, Nagaland and Manupur, also shared the joy of the meeting.

Bk Santosh’s service trip was also a tribute to Bk Satyawati, an original jewel of Godly service in Upper Assam. Bk Satyawati had been a artful gardener taking care of the growth of Brahma Kumaris in this land, and this time, during Bk Santosh’s visit, the foundation stone was laid to start developing a physical park named after Bk Satywati.

A large-scale public event was held at Brahmaputra Peace Valley Retreat centre with participation of Sanjoy Kishan, Welfare of Tea Tribes, Labour & Employment minister of Assam.

Talking about the correlation of values with our belief system, Bk Santosh underlined that when we forget our true spiritual identity, we stick to temporary and artificial values that make our attitude filled with distrust. In body consciousness, we tend to distance ourselves from other people, making our relationships with them disposable. When we realise that every one of us is a soul, a valuable diamond, we can keep sharing true gifts of happiness and love with everyone on a permanent basis.

Among special guests at the public event in Tinsukia were: Bijaya Kumar Mishra, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Assam; heads and representatives of local organizations: All India Marwari Yuva Manch, Dibrugarh (represented by Pragati Sakha), Sarvajanik Durga Puja Committee, Rangpuria (president – Minakshi Sharma, secretary – Sangita Baruah), Milijuli Mahila Samiti, Rangpuria (president – Mrs. Kharida Gogoi, secretary – Aruna Dutta), Ladies Club, Tinsukia (represented by Sadhana Сhokhani, Sulochana Agarwal), Rotary Club, Duliajan (president – Pallav Pratim Duwara, secretary – Pankaj Goswami), Chamber of Commerce of Sivasagar, Assam (central coordinator – Rajesh Mor, secretary – Praveen Rasivasia), Akhil Bharatiya Marwari Mahila Sammelan and others.

After the event, Bk Santosh met the owner of a local tea factory and plantation and accepted his hearty invitation to visit the enterprise and meet his workers.

A powerful bhatti(intense yoga ) for BK sisters and brothers with Bk Santosh’s participation became a wonderful tool for intensifying everyone’s spiritual effort.

At Dibrugarh:

BK Vinita, Bk Vidhan and other BKs and friends of the Centre welcomed Bk Santosh on her arrival to Baba’s home with a true family feeling. A double dance was performed as well – both physical and that of the heart and mind!

Immediately after morning gathering Bk Santosh also met the community of medical professionals at Assam Medical College.She was welcomed by Prof. Sanjeeb Kakati, Chairperson of Science Society, Assam Medical College. Speaking on the topic of “Ethical Communication Rules in Medical Field”,she shared her thoughts about how we could deal with new challenges of the present time with new enthusiasm.

In the afternoon Bk Santosh conducted a seminar “Secrets of Happy and Healthy Life” at Vishwa Shanti Bhawan. She shared her personal experience of how during her first encounter with the senior Brahma Kumari teachers in Mount Abu she realised that spirituality was not about dogmas and stiff rituals but about the vision and awareness that transcended the limits of body consciousness.

Members of Dibrugarh District Committee of All Assam Muttuck Women Association specially arrived at the venue for honouring Bk Santosh.

At Jorhat

Bk Santosh conducted a public event “Silence of Mind as the Key to Attain Health, Wealth and Happiness”. Among special guests were: Ashok K. Braman, deputy commissioner, Jorhat; Ankur Jain, Lions Club, president; Dilip Somani, Rotary Club president.

She compared the present-day state of the human mind with a frozen shoulder syndrome. “Our mind as if gets frozen when it comes to sharing love or stopping negative thoughts and feelings. The spiritual knowledge provides us with an authentic understanding of our true self, enabling us to realise and treat this malady”.

At another meeting with Bk Santosh that took place the same day, members of many NGOs, including heads of Marwari communities, prominent representatives of local businesses, and others were present.

At Demow, Sivasagar

Bk Santosh came from Jorhat to Sivsagar. In her welcome a large group of brothers, mothers and children escorted  all the way along the main road to the Centre, forming a dancing and singing procession about a kilometer long! Bk Rajni and Bk Rajtilak wholeheartedly welcomed her at Baba’s home. And 2 hours later a special program for women took place here.

More that 1,500 BKs and teachers from Sivasagar and other places gathered together to celebrate 4th Anniversary of World Peace Palace Retreat centre. Bk Santosh was the main speaker at the public event “Kindness and Compassion for Spiritual Empowerment” held the same day at World Peace Palace. In the afternoon, a special event in association with Chamber of Commerce of Sivasagar took place at Sivasagar Yuva Dol Auditorium.

Back to Tinsukia

Bk Santosh conducted sessions for 60 BK teachers who arrived from Mizoram, Nagaland, Manupur, Arunachal, and neighboring states. The topic of the sessions was “Truth about the Self – the Ultimate Key”. Later, she conducted a meeting for kumaris as well.

At a tea garden / factory

November, 16th. She accepted with love an offer to visit a local tea plantation and factory that employs about 600 people. The owner of the plantation and his staff demonstrated how the process of growing tea and plucking tea leaves took place. She met the workers, conducted a meditation and fed everyone with tolis. Communication with her made everyone realise that there were many other kinds of tea, besides the famous Assamese ones. Those are Purity Honesty, Unity etc.


November, 17th. Just a couple of hours before her departure for Delhi, Bk Santosh visited the BK centre in Chabua on her way to the airport. She shared her good wishes on the occasion of celebrating 4th anniversary of the Centre, with Bk Sumi, centre instrument, BK Vinod, BK Rajni, BK Rakesh and a group of BKs and friends of the Centre.

Bk Santosh’s trip to Upper Assam continued for less than a fortnight, yet every moment of this time was used in a worthwhile way for generously sharing and receiving blessings. Those were the days filled with the sweetness of family love and appreciation. Well, even physical sweets were showered in record-breaking quantities, the merit goes to bk Arwind of Tinsukia who has been leading a surrendered life for about 30 years. He was lucky to receive spiritual sustenance from Bk Satyawati, and his heart was filled with determination to make sure all guests and BKs receive at least 2 delicious rasgullas after every function! So it was a truly endless flood of rasgullas on a daily basis.Bk Santosh even managed to bring 20 pieces to St. Petersburg, Russia, and shared them with sisters and brothers who met her there. In this way, BKs in Russia received all the sweetness of love directly from Assam.

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