Janmashtami Celebration by Brahma Kumaris, Hathras

Anandpuri Colony, Hathras ( Madhya Pradesh ): Today all over the World, India in particular, Janmashtami (the Birthday) of Sri Krishna, who is full of Divine Qualities, 16 Attributes (Celestial degrees full) of Divinity and completely viceless, is being celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The Brahma Kumaris of Anandpuri Colony, Hathras celebrated the festival of Sri Krishna’s Birthday known as Janmashthhami, with children – Varsha, Saurabh, Rama, Monica and Shivangi — enacting as little Krishna and his playmates (gopis), with high spirits and joy, at their Centre, Shanti Bhawan.

Children presented a few beautiful dance ballets. Among them, a dance on the songs “Janmotsav Aapka Hum Aaj Manayenge” ( We shall celebrate your birthday today), “Chham Chham Naache Teri Morni Mohan” ( Dancing Krishna with peacock feather ), “Happy Birthday Kanha,” and “Gope, Gopi Naache, Kanha Bansi Bajaye, Bali Angan Me Badhhai” ( Krishna dancing with flute) were the highlights.

On this auspicious day, an oath is taken to eradicate Anger, Lust, Ego, Greed and Attachment from us by remaining merged in the Love of God, always being close to God (Upvaas). As per Srimat Bhagwat Gita or Ramcharitmanas, overpowering these five Vices by imbibing Love, Purity, Peace, Power, Bliss and Happiness with Knowledge is the real Conquest.

A Message was delivered on this occasion that symptoms of the Iron Aged (Kaliyug) World is likely to be over and Golden Aged Bharat (Satyug) will be re-established very soon. The same episode of Mahabharat is going to repeat. So incognito God Father of all the Religions in the World, Shiva, has already descended in India and is imparting the Knowledge of Gita, as He did 5,000 years ago. If all the people commit to get rid of their Vices and Negative Traits by constantly keeping God in their memory on this Janmashthhami, Sri Krishna will soon take birth again.

On behalf of Brahma Kumaris, it is our request and invitation to all of you to come and realize God and be blessed. If you miss this valuable opportunity now, it will never be possible again. It is up to one’s our own choice.

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