International Yoga Day Program By Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): Today being International Yoga Day, a program was arranged by Brahma Kumaris of Anandpuri Colony, Hathras at their Centre. BK Shweta, BK Durgesh and BK Uma conducted from 6am to 8am Rajayog Meditation with all the participants. BK Shanta read out the Spiritual message of God being pronounced through His Medium Brahma Baba.
She said that Yogi is the one who remains stable minded while he is being criticised or praised, being honoured or dishonoured, being a winner or defeated, gets profit or loss, they never feel. Whether they are given respect or not, they give due respect to others always.
She further said that even if any others throw stones at you, give them gems like Noble Qualities in return because you are the child of God Who is the Ocean of Gems and Valuables. You are a mine of Divine Qualities so be in your own original state. Yogi never have an enemy. His Goodwill and Best Wishes transform the Enemies into Best Friends.
Due to Corona effect very few were allowed to come to the Centre. Observing all precautions BK Durgesh and BK Shweta conducted aerobic exercises.

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