Independence Day Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Adyar

Chennai ( Tamilnadu ): Brahma Kumaris, Adyar, Chennai organized an event at  Vaikundh Lighthouse, the Brahma Kumaris center in Adyar, Chennai, on the occasion of 74th Independence Day.

A Welcome dance by children from SK Natyalaya to the song Vande Mataram,  paying tribute to Bharat Matha with swinging of the flag along with the song “Vande Mataram,” and a Candle lighting in the remembrance of freedom fighters, paying tribute to them, was part of the celebration.

Serving whole Bharat through the mind :  Bharat was divided into 6 regions as East, West, North, South, Central, and North East. States in each of these regions were given sakaash (peaceful vibrations of light and might) for 5 minutes each.

Oath taking for our self-transformation to world transformation by reciting the 3 oath points given below:

  • We will be free from “Parachintan, Paradharshan” (Seeing and thinking about others), concentrate on self transformation which leads to world transformation.
  • With the realization of this whole world to be “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” (One World Family), will see everyone as brotherly soul.
  • Will help souls in distress or pain, giving them sakaash and filling them with peace and power.

A Speech on real freedom from vices was given by BK Muthumani, In-Charge, of Brahma Kumaris in Adyar, Chennai. She said that real freedom is to be free from ravan rajya (ravan’s kingdom), the 5 vices. Then only the real Ram Rajya (Ram’s kingdom) as dreamt by Bapuji will usher in Bharat. Bharat was like a golden sparrow once upon a time and soon will become the same. We have to work on bringing in divine virtues / qualities to go to the deity world filled with purity, peace and prosperity.

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