Inauguration of Spiritual Art Gallery (Museum) at Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram ( Tamil Nadu ): Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Art Gallery (Museum) was inaugurated at the world heritage archeological town Mahabalipuram. The place is visited by tourists from all over India and the world for the great archaeological wealth. It has many rock carvings, caves and sculptures. The art gallery can become a service center for all the visitors to this town. This will also serve as a tourist attraction.

The museum has JyotirLing Darshan, audio-visual hologram room, silence space, life size picture exhibits of Rajayoga course material, library and many other attractions.

Rajayogini Sister BK Beena, Tamilnadu Service Co-ordinator and Rajayogini Sister BK Muthumani, Incharge of Chennai Adyar center inaugurated the art gallery. The main board was inaugurated on the East Coast Road Highway at the inlet to the art gallery. Followed by the inauguration, BK Beena tied Rakhi to visitors and participants.