Inauguration of ‘Peace Home’ in Malaysia

Malaysia: BK Amirchand, Director of the Brahma Kumaris Punjab Zone, who is looking after the services of the Brahma Kumaris in Northern India, visited Malaysian Brahma Kumaris centres in January.

During his visit to Majodi Centre, Johor Bahru, BK Amirchand and BK Meera had a short meeting with Bishop Bernard Paul and Father Eddie. They shared the Godly message and a Godly gift with the Reverends.

Johor Bahru Centres had their annual program with BK Amirchand as the Guest speaker at Majodi Hall, Majodi Centre, Plentong, Masai, Johor. Having first-hand experience with Brahma Baba and being a pioneer in setting up Brahma Kumaris Centres all over Punjab, BK Amirchand gave vivid anecdotes of his personal experiences with Brahma Baba, which the audience found very awe-inspiring and mesmerizing. The audience was indeed convinced that Brahma Baba was truly a visionary leader of immense proportions. Soon after his speech, BK Meera Nagananda guided the audience in a very powerful meditation experience. After this, the members of the audience received Godly offerings, blessings, and gifts from BK Amirchand. Some 350 guests and BK students attended this function.

In another program, Brahma Baba: A Visionary Leader, held at Harmony House in Bangsar, Dato’ Letchumanan Ramatha, the President of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, welcomed the audience. A ‘Call of Time guest, Shahreen Kamaluddin, an Empowerment Author, Corporate Trainer and Public Speaker shared her experiences with the Brahma Kumaris. The program ended with a powerful meditation experience by BK Meera, then the participants were served a vegetarian lunch.

A spiritual home, called ‘Peace Home,’ was created by BK Aparna with the aim of providing facilities for families living in the neighbourhood to spend moments of silence in the Meditation Room, and for early morning Meditation and Discourse. BK Amirchand was specially invited to inaugurate ‘Peace Home’.

BK Bhajo invited BK Amirchand and BK Meera to her residence for a conversation on “The Art of Giving”. BK Amirchand visited the Exhibition Stalls that the Brahma Kumaris set up on Thaipusam Day. BK Amirchand also inaugurated Sukh Dham, a Brahma Kumaris Centre at Rawang.

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