“How to get Good Rest?”: Interview for University of Costa Rica Radio Station

Costa RicaBK Dr. Amar from Miami was the invited speaker for an interview facilitated by BK Costa Rica Coordinator Marianne Lizana on “How to have proper rest?”

BK Amar who is a medical professional shared the role of hormones in the cycle of sleep and how hormones become unbalanced due to stress, worries, extra use of electronic devices, social media, etc., and have a direct impact on an individual’s alertness. From her own experience of meditation, she shared how meditation helps us become aware of the real being and helps us separate ourselves for a few minutes from these influences and allow us to clean our mind, thoughts, and feelings before going to sleep and thus can assist in having proper rest.

#CaféparaElAlma is the weekly radio show (LIVE on Facebook) by the University of Costa Rica Radio station 870AM with a new interview (in Spanish) every Friday at 8 am facilitated by the Brahma Kumaris in Costa Rica.

Click here for this interview (in Spanish).

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