Holistic Yoga Session for Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services in Goa

Panaji ( Goa ): On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the Brahma Kumaris of Panaji organized a Holistic Yoga session for the trainee staff of the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services in Panaji. Physical, mental and practical Rajayoga sessions were guided by BK Nagaraj and BK Nirmala.

The Director of Fire and Emergency Services, Mr. Ashok Menon, invited the Brahma Kumaris of Panaji to organize a 2-hour Yoga, Pranayam and Rajyoga Meditation session for about 30 nominated trainees of the Panaji Fire station from all over India.

Senior Rajyoga teacher BK Nirmala and BK Nagaraj explained the importance of physical yoga and pranayam to overcome the ill effect of the so-called corona virus to improve the respiratory system and also focused the need of pranayam and meditation to strengthen immunity and to cope with so-called diseases such as stress, anxiety and depression. A practical yoga session and a pranayam session was carried out and — in addition to physical yoga — the importance of emotional and spiritual health was also explained by BK Nirmala. A Holistic approach to mind, body and soul was addressed and how Rajayoga meditation plays an important role in day-to-day life to lead a peaceful and happy life was also emphasized. Meditation was conducted and all the participants took benefit from this session.

The overall response was overwhelming and the faculty Trainer Mr. Sachin gave a vote of thanks after conclusion of the yoga session.

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