“Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet” – BK Lectures in Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania

The European Union has partly opened up and Senior Rajayogi BK Golo took the chance to visit Denmark, Sweden  and Lithuania. He gave talks in Copenhagen, Dalsebo in Sweden and in Vilniusin Lithuania. After the lock-down and social distancing practices, his presentations and presence brought new enthusiasm. The lectures on Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet are increasingly relevant in these times. Everyone is concerned about health and the future. BK Golo inspired the participants to become healers of themselves and the world and to develop their full creative potential.

Dalsebo in Småland, Sweden

A Swedish couple participating in Peace of Mind retreat appreciated the link in Peace between spirituality and sustainability. They invited BK Golo to give a  lecture in their huge barn deep in the middle of the Swedish  forest. Thirty people attended this program on Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet. BK Sonja, Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Denmark, translated and conducted meditation during the program.

Garden Meditation in Copenhagen, Denmark

A magical time, full of light with meditation around the tree, presentations, virtue games, virtue scopes, yoga corner, pizza and cake.

Vilnius, Lithuania

In the centre in Vilnius, BK Golo gave the first presentation after lock-down. Almost 30 people came to hear a latest update on Coronavirus, Climate change and how to move on, BK Egidija translated. Towards the end Golo highlighted the importance to become an angel and helper of God. BK Sonja ended the evening with a powerful guided meditation on healing the self and the world.

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