Grooming Next-Gen Teachers

Mysore (Karnataka): Nearly a hundred young trainee teachers undergoing the B.Ed programme at Sree Narayana College of Education, Mahe (Kerala), evinced interest in participating in a ‘Community Living Camp’ hosted by Brahma Kumaris Gyan Sarovar Retreat Center in Mysore.

The camp comprising Rajayoga meditation sessions, education and self management sessions, Yoga and physical training, games, refreshing activities like a quiz competition and cultural programs enthused the participants.

Brahma Kumaris Mysore Sub-Zone Incharge BK Laxmi during her inaugural speech extended her best wishes to all the camp trainees who were “keen on reorienting themselves” to become ‘Future Teachers’.

Sree Narayana College of Education chairman Dr. NK Ramakrishnan, Principal Dr. A Unnikrishnan and camp co-ordinator V Sreekumar facilitated the smooth conduct of the camp schedules and took over responsibility with the active participation of the team members. 

BK Yogeshwari conducted the Rajayoga session, Realization of God and Practicing Raja Yoga Meditation, for all the trainees.

BK Ramachandra Rao, BK Manjula and Dr. YN Sridhar conducted other sessions. The classes ensured in-depth experience about the self and inner powers to all participants. The concept was easily implementable for development of value-based lifestyle and to maintain peace of mind, felt the young teachers.

It was a mission possible for purifying thoughts and leading a holistic life with right skills.   

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