Governor of Tripura Praises Brahma Kumaris

Agartala (Tripura): On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Brahma Kumaris, Agartala, and the Shiv Jayanti Festival celebrations, His Excellency Governor of Tripura, Professor Kaptan Singh Solanki, addressed the gathering and stressed the point that out of 140 countries where the Brahma Kumaris are spreading a peace message, there is a need of ‘OM SHANTI’ and the Supreme soul Shiv Baba will usher everyone with divine blessing.

On a lighter note, he mentioned, the Mahabharat war would not happen if Duryodhana listened to Murlis at the Brahma Kumaris. Desire” is what makes us evil and the Brahma Kumaris is the only institute which makes a human being complete in its truest sense.

In 25 years of their service in Tripura State, the Brahma Kumaris have done an excellent job in the field of de-addiction, value-based education, women empowerment and blood donation camps.  Today’s so-called educated youth are in dire need of these values, especially respecting women. To educate them, the teacher should be a role model holding those values. Lastly, he thanked Brahma Kumaris Tripura State Incharge BK Kavita for her phenomenal service and honored her with a shawl and memento.

BK Kavita welcomed the Governor and the guests whole heartedly and thanked the Governor on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris, presenting him with a Godly gift.

Professor Arunoday Saha, Former Vice Chancellor, Tripura Central University, BK Bharat Bhushan from Panipat, and BK Pragya from Udaipur were also present on this occasion.

Governor of Tripura Honor BK Kavita with shawl and memento

Governor of Tripura Honoring BK Kavita with shawl and memento



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