Governor of Bali (Indonesia) Congratulates Brahma Kumaris

BK Sister Janaki giving BK books to the Governor, H.E. I Wayan Koster

Bali (Indonesia): The newly appointed Governor of Bali, H.E. Mr. I Wayan Koster, met some representatives of the Brahma Kumaris in Denpasar. Among them were I Gusti Ngurah Oka, Chairman of Brahma Kumaris Denpasar; Ida Pandita Mpu Nabe Daksa Yaksa Acharya Manuaba, Chief Priest and member of PHDI; BK Sister Janaki, the National Co-ordinator of Indonesia, and others.

The Governor showed interest in the work of the Brahma Kumaris and expressed that this knowledge be given to the public at large as well. He promised to promote the Brahma Kumaris at various levels because this knowledge can benefit all the Bali community which will then have more peace, calm and stability in meeting day-to-day challenges. He congratulated the Brahma Kumaris for their untiring effort so far. At the end of the meeting, he was also given some Brahma Kumaris literature, toli (holy sweet) and blessings.

BK Sister Janaki with H.E. I Wayan Koster, Governor of Bali

BK Sister Janaki reading the blessing which the Governor received

A view of the meeting with the Bali Governor

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