Golden Retreat for Golden Stage

Rajkot, Gujarat: The Brahma Kumaris of Rajkot organized a program entitled ‘Golden Retreat for Golden Stage‘ and ‘Samadhan – An Easy Solution to Everyday Problems‘. The chief speakers on this occasion were BK Suraj Bhai and BK Rupesh Bhai.

During the course of this several-day program, BK Suraj and BK Rupesh interacted with the audience by taking questions and giving solutions at length. They said that the best way to solve everyday problems is by always remembering this core teaching: ‘I am a soul and my real nature is peace, love and bliss’. Rajayoga meditation, if practiced with total dedication, can help achieve good mental balance and efficiency. BK Suraj Bhai stressed the importance of getting rid of selfishness, expectations and ego. Selfless service is the core teaching of spirituality.

A more than 3,000-strong audience including the Brahma Kumaris fraternity of Rajkot and others participated enthusiastically in this program.

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