FREE Self Development Series:”Who is Responsible for Destiny?” – Starts Sept 2

Milpitas ( USA ): Who is responsible for our destiny (physical health, emotional health, relationships, and finances)?

You are invited to a free online self development series, “Decoding Destiny”. Most of us would agree that we create our own destiny, yet there are times when we feel handicapped that somebody else is controlling or destroying our destiny. A feeling of being a victim arises when we think that the reins of our life are in somebody else’s hand. That somebody else could be a person, circumstance, fortune, universe, planet, or God. The blame game starts, and life feels miserable and unfair.

In this series, we will spend time in understanding the creator of our destiny, reasons for it not being consistently beautiful, the karma philosophy (laws of cause and effect), and ways to code or create a perfect life and destiny for ourselves.

In this course, we will discuss Spiritual Knowledge that helps us in understanding the algorithm behind our fortune or destiny. We will practice Raja Yoga Meditation in every class (brief instructions on this meditation exercise will be shared). We will touch upon concepts related to soul and laws of karma (cause and effect).

Little did I know that I had lost the reins over my life and was living an average or below average life. It’s not like my life was miserable, overall I was happy and had everything in life. Yet, many times I felt that life was unfair, or I could not fix it on my own. A feeling of helplessness and hopelessness would arise at times. The gems of knowledge disclosed to me at Brahma Kumaris are steadily freeing me from my own cage. My confidence is growing because it is getting enough oxygen of freedom to choose and live the life I want. I feel so powerful that I can create the destiny I desire.

Date and Timing: A series of five classes starts on Sep 2nd (Wed) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and the next four classes will be on Sep 9, 16, 23, and 30th at the same time.

Registration: Please email for getting the online meeting link to join the class virtually

Cost: Free

Source of the teachings and Raja Yoga Meditation technique: Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley, a non-profit Spiritual Organization based in India

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