Event on “You Are What You Eat” on Awakening Channel

The Awakening channel continues to create programs which reveal Baba’s knowledge to souls worldwide.
On Sunday 25th October, from 5 pm to 8 pm, a Special Program, You Are What You Eat, जैसा अन्न वैसा मन was held.

The program featured BK Shivani in conversation with Br. Suresh Oberoi, and joining them were the country’s religious leaders, senior doctors, scientists, environmentalists, nutritionists, sportsmen and film actors. Each one explained about the impact of a vegetarian diet and the effect on the mind and body. This program was very beneficial for all to know the scientific reasons behind spiritual teachings.

From 16th to 25th October, the channel offered a special Navratri series – Being Shakti, मैं शक्ति हूँ
Each day was dedicated to one of the 8 essential innate powers.
DAILY, there were 30 minute sessions on each power by Sushma Didi (Jaipur), Anita Didi (Chandigarh), Asmita Didi (Kolkata), Niha Didi (Gamdevi, Mumbai), Sister Denise (USA), Sister Gopi (London), and Br Yogesh (Turkey).
Daily Amritvela and Evening Meditation on the same shakti ( power ) by Suraj Bhai, Kavita Behn (Borivali, Mumbai), Deepa Behn (Vile Parle, Mumbai), Rama Behn (Siri Fort, Delhi) and Kamla Behn (Dwarka, Delhi).

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