“Enlighten with Little Hearts” : Brahma Kumaris Celebrate Diwali with Young Minds

Adyar, Chennai ( Tamil Nadu ): On 14th November, it was a special day of Diwali celebrations and Children’s day celebrations. This year, Brahma Kumaris Adyar had fun filled Diwali with all BK children displaying their different talents and arts. The little kids also shared their cute Diwali wishes to the whole family.

Children performed variety programs including dance, singing, karate, yogasanas, poems, playing musical instruments, short film, skits, reciting varadhan from Baba’s murli, monologue, painting, cooking without fire, fancy dress show, standup comedy, solving cube puzzles, demonstrating the importance of ancient games, martial arts by blind students, displaying arts and crafts.

Few children also performed a drama depicting the Spiritual Significance of Diwali.

 BK Muthumani gave them a short and sweet message of Diwali, to burn the weaknesses within and to bring back the qualities of heaven / paradise. She greeted the children for their special talents show, encouraging the parents to motivate the children in bringing out their hidden talents.

Overall, it was a heart filling celebration with the young buds.

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