Emotional Healer Award for Brahma Kumaris on World Mental Health Day

Hubli ( Karnataka ): On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, a Live Webinar was organized by the Brahma Kumaris, in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association, Hubli Branch, and the Indian Medical Association, Goa State, for Medical Practitioners and Medical Students. A keynote speech by Dr. BK Sunita of Shantivan on the topic “MENTAL WELBEING – THE BEST ANTIDOTE” was the main highlight of this webinar.

On this occasion, Dr. S. Samuel Arawattigi, President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Goa State, conferred the prestigious Citation “Unparalleled Emotional Healer Award” to Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita Didi, in recognition of her unparalleled endeavours in healing stress, fear, depression and other negativity of her trainees with Inspirational & Transformational Pragmatic Spiritual Antidotes, and in recognition of her exemplary contribution to the field of Spiritual wisdom and value-based Leadership. Dr. S. Samuel welcomed all the viewers and participants while presenting his opening remarks and stated that keeping oneself mentally fit and positive is the need of the hour during this pandemic challenge, since it has definitely hit every one mentally. He appreciated IMA Hubli and Goa for organizing this webinar on the eve of World Mental Health Day.

Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Shantivan, Abu Road, while presenting her keynote speech on “Mental Wellbeing – The Best Antidote” during this webinar, highlighted some important aspects of mental health. She said for every disease or illness there is an antidote which works on symptoms of that disease and not on the root cause of that illness. Because illness is in the body, but the cause of any disease is in the mind. So mental wellbeing is very much essential and the best antidote for a healthy mind is power of silence.

She further stated that the quality of our thoughts plays a vital role in the discharge of our daily responsibilities. We need to sit in silence and connect with the real identity of the self. Inward focus can make us experience real peace of mind. She further emphasized the thinking pattern and attitude towards situations. If we  look beyond the difficulties then we become strong mentally, but if we look inside at the real identity of our self and then respond externally, then we become mentally fit. Dr. Sunita Didi also took a practical meditation session and relaxation exercise for all the viewers by giving positive thoughts to the mind and experiencing deep silence for few minutes during the webinar.

Rajyogini BK Nirmala, Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Hubli Zone, shared her spiritual wisdom and blessed the event with her divine wishes. She appreciated the medical professionals who are giving their best to the society during this pandemic. She said Doctors treat and God cures, so God is the great healer. She said for becoming physically healthy, one should have positive thinking, a balanced diet, physical exercise and sound sleep. Today mental stress and depression is the major killer.  To get rid of all these mental diseases, one should practice meditation and experience the innate qualities of the soul, i.e., peace, purity, love, bliss and happiness. BK Nirmala Didi also added that Rajayoga helps doctors in acquiring hands that never hurt, tongue that never cuts, and mind that never bursts. These qualities help doctors to satisfy patients which is needed for successful medical practice.

Dr. Kranthi Kiran, President of IMA, Hubli Branch, presented the concluding remarks in this Webinar. He highlighted the impacts of the current challenging Covid-19 situation and said that medical practitioners are facing it as frontline warriors. He appreciated the work of the Brahma Kumaris organisation during this challenging situation of stress, anxiety and competition. The Brahma Kumaris have taken a very good step to create awareness about the mental health and popularizing a spiritual approach to mental tendencies through Rajyoga meditation. Spirituality and positive thinking is essence of every human being. On behalf of IMA Hubli, Dr. Kranthi Kiran also expressed his sincere thanks to both speakers, Dr. BK Sunita Didi and BK Nirmala Didi, Incharge of Hubli, for gracing the occasion.

Participants joined through Youtube Live and asked questions. These were answered by Dr. Sunita Didi during a question-and-answer session.

The session was graced by Dr. S. Samuel Arawattigi, President of IMA, Goa State, along with Dr. Sudhir Shet, Secretary of IMA, Goa State, and Dr. Kranthi Kiran, President of IMA, Hubli Branch. Many eminent doctors from Goa as well as Hubli also joined and benefitted from this session.

Dr. Sudhir M. Sheth, Secretary of IMA, Goa State, gave the vote of thanks. The entire webinar was coordinated by BK Nagaraj Anklekar, Godly Student of Brahma Kumaris, Panaji, Goa.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/MJZw9zwjc1g

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